Our Leadership

Our Elders

The elders of First Presbyterian are men and women elected to serve and lead the church in its mission for three-year terms.

Please know you can reach out to our elders with any questions, encouragements, or concerns. Each elder serves in one of the nine Session committees and can answer questions you may have in those ministry areas.

Our Clerk of Session, Lori Lembke, serves alongside our elders by recording our meetings and assisting our Pastor in moderating those meetings.

Class of 2023
Julie Eyler, Nominating
Ann Howe, Christian Education
Alexis Jones, Youth and Family
Neal Pederson, Worship

Class of 2024
David Jensen, Fellowship
David Paulson, Personnel
Sara Rasmussen, Youth and Family

Class of 2025
Saundra Finseth, Property
Roger Nienoord, Christian Witness
Susan Piper, Finance

Our Deacons

The deacons of First Presbyterian are men and women elected to lead the church through selfless service of others, primarily by visiting seniors and serving communion.

Sandy Clawson, 2023
Ardie Osterberg, 2023
Marilyn Polis, 2023
Judy Verdoorn, 2023

Marlon Attig, 2024
Wanda Attig, 2024
Garyns Nelson, 2024
Linda Petersen, 2024

Pam Arneson, 2025
Ann Goodmanson, 2025
Pennie Ladlie, 2025
Barb Osmundson, 2025
Jan Rogness, 2025
Tony Rogness, 2025

Nominations for Elders and Deacons

Know someone who would make a good elder or deacon?

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