How We Celebrate Communion

At First Presbyterian, all who trust Christ as their Savior are welcome to take communion.

Communion is served in the same tradition going back to when Jesus served his apostles (1 Corinthians 11:23-26), remembering Christ’s gift of his broken body and shed blood for each of us.

At our church, we celebrate communion at our morning worship service on the first Sunday of every month. You’ll have the opportunity to take the cup (grape juice) and the bread (with gluten-free crackers available).

Online Worship Communion

If you’re worshipping with us online, please join us for communion on the first Sunday of every month!

Before the service, take a moment to pour a little juice (or water or milk or whatever else is on hand) and take out bread (or a cracker) so you are ready when we take communion together during the service.

Request Home Communion

For those who cannot make it to church in person and would like communion offered at home or elsewhere, our team of Deacons is ordained to serve the sacrament and would love to serve you.

To request home communion, call the church office at (507) 373-2035 or email