Our Mission

Our Mission

Making Disciples to Glorify God

Our Values

Following the Word of God

We long to see all people hear God’s voice in Scripture, respond to His voice in obedience, and continue to seek His voice as the only authority in their lives. As His people, we wholeheartedly submit to the entire counsel of God, no matter how counter-cultural or uncomfortable His message and commission may be.

Welcoming Our Neighbors

We receive each of our neighbors in the same exuberant welcome that God showed each of us as sinners in need of grace. Seeing Christ as our example, we open our arms and doors to all, and particularly those who feel far from God or forgotten by others.

Serving Others with Compassion

Responding to the grace that God has shown each of us, we care for our neighbors in Albert Lea with extraordinary intention, generosity, and faithfulness, turning their attention to the Lord who has served us with even greater dedication and zeal.

Sharing and Receiving the Gospel

As individual Christ-followers and together as His Body, we find our greatest joy in the good news of the Person and work of Jesus Christ. Not only do we root our own lives in this Gospel, but we share the offer of new life with all people in the overflow of the joy of our salvation.

Investing in Every Generation

As a church family, we value every generation- from the youngest to the eldest. Serving ourselves last, we selflessly invest in generations outside of our own and expect God to use every generation for the growth of His Kingdom.